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Afzal Shaikh Healthcare technology and Management Blogs

My Projects

Metropolitan Heart Institute 

As a seasoned healthcare administrator with a track record of successfully managing and optimizing hospital operations, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Safe medical practices i9 innovations hospital management software (Facebook Post (Landsca

BKC Jumbo Hospital

A compassionate healthcare advocate, placing patients at the heart of every initiative, ensuring quality care and patient-centric services at every step.

BKC Jumbo i9 innovations Super .jpeg

i9 Innovations & Educations

A results-driven visionary, leading multiple successful projects that have transformed medical practices, elevated patient satisfaction, and positioned hospitals as industry leaders.

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Surana Sethia Hospital

A problem-solver with exceptional decision-making skills, tackling complex challenges and ensuring smooth workflows across various hospital departments.

Surana Sethia

Surana Hospital

An innovative thinker, consistently implementing cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions to streamline patient care and enhance overall hospital performance.

Surana Hospital i9 innovation Super dr software.jpeg

MPCT Hospital

As a strategic leader with a keen business acumen, adept at identifying opportunities for revenue growth and implementing effective strategies to boost the hospital's bottom line.

MPCT Hospital i9 innovations Super Dr Hospital Software.jpeg

ESIC Faridabad

A proficient & innovative project with extensive experience in managing Central Government projects, ensuring seamless coordination with Labour Ministries flagship Hospital, for improved healthcare delivery.

ESIC hospital Faridabad i9 Innovations Super Dr Hospital software

ESIC Alwar

A dynamic & successful collaborations with the ESIC corporation to drive healthcare initiatives, optimize resource allocation, and elevate the standard of patient care in alignment with national healthcare goals.

ESIC Alvar i9 Innovation Super Dr Software
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