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Revolutionising Hospital Business: 21 Strategies for Success.

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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Running a hospital is like conducting a symphony, with multiple players working in harmony to create a seamless experience for patients. Yet, amidst the complexity, there have been historical challenges and mishaps that can disrupt the rhythm. Fear not, for we are here to share 21 innovative strategies to elevate your hospital business, sprinkled with a dash of humour and personal anecdotes, and the ultimate game-changer - Super Dr!

A Brief History of the Issue:

Throughout the history of healthcare, hospitals have faced numerous obstacles in optimizing their operations. From communication breakdowns to overlooked consents, even the most dedicated doctors and nurses have encountered challenges in delivering the highest quality care. These mishaps not only impact patient experiences but also create roadblocks to the hospital's success.

1. Implement a Conscious Best Practice System:

Establish a protocol-based workflow to ensure every aspect of patient care adheres to best practices, leaving no room for errors. Break it down into simple steps, create checklists, and train your staff to perform efficiently. Practice to perfect it.

2. Define Clear Objectives:

Determine your hospital's primary objective, whether it's a surgical excellence centre, a charitable organization, or a maternity home, A joint replacement centre or a General Hospital. A well-defined goal sets the course for success. Clearly communicate this vision to your team and align their efforts accordingly. Believe me, 80% staff in your hospital is unaware of your goal and vision. Time to align with clear communications and targets.

3. Deliver More Value:

Go the extra mile by providing informative printed FAQs, written treatment plans, and video links to empower patients with knowledge. Create templates and use Super Dr to share resources conveniently. Having a patient manager helps, please do not try multitasking with a medical staff. Make sure your patient manager is a non-medico, preferably an MBA graduate.

4. Embrace Digital Transformation:

Transition to a completely paperless environment with apps like Super Dr, not just for billing and reports but also for seamless communications and charting. Your staff is brilliant, rely on them and give them the system, and gradually phase out paper-based processes.

ICD 10 is incorporated in the Super Dr app
ICD Code 10 by CDC

5. Adhere to Industry Standards:

Follow guidelines set by organizations like NABH and JCI to improve systems, remove bugs, and boost patient confidence. Conduct regular audits and training sessions to ensure compliance. Get those SOPs written for NABH out and give them to your staff and ask them to make changes and review those. You will be surprised to have your wonderful SOPs instead of the copied version. Start using ICD Code 10 or above. Learn about HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, ABDM, ABHA, etc.

Super Dr is an NABH enabled Hospital Management software
NABH Accreditation

6. Focus on Your Target Audience:

Understand the demographics of your patients and cater to their specific needs and preferences to build loyalty within your community. Targeting the community or niche is a great thing to do. Explore various communities and align with their culture and best practice marks to gather more faith. Participate in their community activities. Conduct patient surveys and feedback sessions to gather insights.

7. Enhance Transparency and Urgency in Care:

Keep patients and their relatives well-informed throughout their journey, offering multiple treatment options, and explaining consent thoroughly. Use Super Dr's communication features to update patients regularly. Also, share previous patients' bills to increase transparency. Keep informed about your competitor's activities and share them with your patients as a comparison to your efforts.

8. Empathetic Communication:

Doctors, take the time to acknowledge patient concerns and answer their queries with understanding and compassion. Conduct workshops or role-playing exercises to improve communication skills.

9. Foster Collaboration:

Involve nurses and other healthcare professionals from the beginning to provide comprehensive support and improve patient outcomes. Encourage cross-departmental teamwork and regular meetings. Encourage a patient attendant to become a temporary nurse, and have an attendant training program, so the patient party has one more thing as a takeaway from your hospital.

10. Harness the Power of Digital Marketing:

Utilize Google Ads and social media interactions to promote your hospital facilities and offer attractive discounts to potential patients. Hire a digital marketing agency or appoint a dedicated team member for online marketing. There's no need to try to rank higher on Google, but your presence is as important, make sure your website or the landing page is as good as the number one ranked hospital with all the SEO boxes ticked.

11. Attract Top Talent:

Recruit full-time physicians who share your passion for exceptional patient care and add value to your hospital's reputation. Offer competitive salary packages and opportunities for professional growth. Having them takes care of your teamwork and training. The more the consultant spends time in your hospital with your staff, the more your team work wins.

12. Incentivize Nursing Staff:

Offer rewards and incentives to nurses and floor managers for their dedication and contributions to patient well-being. Recognize their efforts publicly and create a positive work culture. An annual R&R, a monthly best staff prize, etc., help.

13. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Procure standard medicines, implants, and consumables in bulk and pass on the benefits to patients, making healthcare more affordable and accessible. Negotiate with suppliers and explore long-term contracts. Barter with major companies & Corporates or treatments and other facilities. Remember in the end it all comes down to comparative charges. You don't need to be the cheapest but comparatively on the lower side always.

14. Engage with the Community:

Organize regular activities and events to build a cordial relationship with the community, establishing your hospital as a trusted partner. Collaborate with local organizations and sponsor health-related campaigns.

15. Collaborate with Corporates:

Reach out to major corporates and encourage them to release CSR funds directly to patients in need, creating a positive impact. Develop strong partnerships with corporate entities and involve them in community health initiatives. Keep an eye on Govt schemes time to time, get yourself empanelled and offer the benefits to patients. And also improve your image Infront of the government.

16. Smart Marketing Tactics:

Optimize your marketing efforts by leveraging Super Dr's data insights to target potential patients more effectively. Analyze patient preferences, conduct targeted campaigns, and track the success of your marketing initiatives.

17. Seamless Referral Management:

Simplify the process of patient referrals by using Super Dr's referral management feature. Keep track of referrals and ensure smooth communication between referring doctors and specialists. Respect senior Doctors visiting hospital to see patients, offer them a chamber to talk to relatives. Make sure senior administrators and Nurses too have a cordial relationship with them.

18. Efficient Inventory Management:

Utilize Super Dr to manage your hospital's inventory, ensuring that essential medical supplies and equipment are always available. Implement real-time tracking to prevent stockouts and minimize wastage. Asset & Vendor management is the key to hospitals' success.

19. Ai-based Queue management:

Introduce Ai-based Queue management services through Super Dr, allowing patients to take appointments 24X7 without having to talk to receptions, to connect with doctors remotely for consultations and follow-ups. This convenient option enhances patient satisfaction and expands your reach.

20. Streamlined Billing and Payment:

Simplify the billing process with Super Dr's integrated billing and payment system. Generate accurate bills, Send Ai based live billing on patient applications. offer online payment options, and provide detailed invoices for transparent transactions.

21. Continuous Training and Development:

Invest in the ongoing training and development of your staff using Super Dr's e-learning and training modules. Keep your team updated with the latest medical advancements and patient care practices.

Revolutionising Hospital Business:

With these 21 comprehensive strategies and the power of Super Dr at your disposal, Revolutionising Hospital Business is easy as it gets, you can revamp your hospital business to deliver exceptional patient experiences. Embrace digital transformation, nurture a patient-centric culture, and optimize your operations for sustainable growth. Super Dr empowers you to bridge the gap between patient expectations and healthcare excellence. Get ready to embark on a journey of success with Super Dr and take your hospital business to new heights.

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